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Fire Stations & Locations

Humboldt Bay Fire staffs five fire stations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three stations are staffed with an engine company staffed by an engine company staffed by three Firefighters apiece. Station 1 is staffed by a four person ladder truck company and a Battalion Chief on shift. Fire Station 4 experiences variable staffing depending on daily staffing levels. A portion of the time a three person engine conpany is staffed. On days where staffing is less, a two person rescue squad is staffed. Below are our five stations and their addresses:


Fire Station 1
533 C St.
Apparatus: Truck 8181, Truck 8182, Engine 8117, HazMat 8170, Rescue 8171, RT-32 (USAR Trailer)

Fire Station 2
755 Herrick Ave.
Apparatus: Engine 8112, Engine 8137 (Type 3)

Fire Station 3
2905 Ocean Ave.
Apparatus: Engine 8113, Water Tender 8163

Fire Station 4
1016 Myrtle Ave.
Apparatus: Engine 8114, Squad 8174

Fire Station 5
3455 Harris St.
Apparatus: Engine 8115, Engine 8119, Engine 8136 (type 3)

Fire Chief Bill Gillespie




Humboldt Bay Fire
533 C St
Eureka Ca 95501
Phone (707) 441-4000
Fax (707) 441-4133